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As you know, SCI has an established attendance policy for those who submit scores for performance consideration. Here is how it works: if you submit a score to a regional or national conference, and the piece is chosen to be performed by the host institution, you have agreed to attend the conference and the performance of your work. Simple. Sometimes, there will be a last minute change of plan that is unavoidable, and a phone call to the host explaining the circumstances will be understood. But there are some members who send in scores without the intention of showing up. This is unfair. For every person who is selected, there are at least ten others willing to attend. Not only is a no-show disrespectful to the host who has spent many hours organizing the conference as well as to the players who learned the piece, it is not fair to the society and the membership as a whole. The SCI functions more than a performance venue; it offers one of the few opportunities for composers to meet their professional colleagues and to hear and discuss their music.

David Gompper