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1998 National Conference - Review

Indiana University
April 15-18, 1998
Don Freund, host

The National Conference was held this year at Indiana University. SCI wishes to thank Don Freund and his students (especially Jason Bahr), and to both performing faculty and students for the extraordinary time and effort invested in this very successful conference. There were fourteen concerts featuring performances by ensembles such as the Indiana University School of Music Symphony Orchestra, the IU Concert Orchestra, the IU Percussion Ensemble, IU Brass Chior, the Indiana Trio, the Concord Ensemble, the IU Symphonic Band, the IU Wind Ensemble, IU Jazz Ensemble, IU Brass Quintet, IU Chamber Orchestra, IU New Music Ensemble, IU Bassoon Ensemble, IU Opera Workshop, IU Singers, IU Contemporary Vocal Ensemble, IU International Vocal Ensemble, Corigliano Quartet, and The Ryoanji Duo.

Prior to the Friday evening concert, Karel Husa gave a keynote address. This conference was the largest National Conference in recent memory. Over 100 composers had pieces performed, and the level of each of the performances was first rate. The following is a list of composers who had works performed on the conference:

Charles Argersinger
Larry Austin
Jason Bahr
David Baker
Anthony Barrese
John Beall
James Beckel
Brian Bevelander
Herbert Bielawa
Hayes Biggs
Natasha Bog
Cary Boyce
Scott Brickman
Roger Briggs
Richard Brooks
Margaret Brouwer
Zack Browning
Bryan Burkett
Jonathan Chenette
Larry Christiansen
S. M. Clark
Andrea Clearfield
Fred Cohen
Judd Danby
Brent Michael Davids
Lamont Downs
David Dzubay
Donna Kelly Eastman
John Elmquist
Donald Erb
Keith Fitch
Don Freund
Jack Gallagher
Orlando Garcia
Glenn Gass
Daniel Godfrey
David Gompper
Warren Gooch
Stephen Gryc
Donald Hagar
N. Lincoln Hanks
Donald Harris
Paul Hayden
David Heuser
Dorothy Hindman
Alice Ho
Charles Hoag
Laura Hoffman
Karel Husa
Michael Kallstrom
David Kechley
Mikel Kuehn
Frank LaRocca
Robert Lemay
Tom Lopez
Carleton Macy
Charles Mason
Daniel McCarthy
Edward J. Miller
Jerome Miskell
Janice Misurell-Mitchell
James Mobberley
Allen Molineux
Alfonso Montecino
Larry Nelson
Ka Nin Chan
Douglas Ovens
Robert Patterson
Samuel Pellman
Edwin Penhorwood
Mark Phillips
Christopher Preissing
Alfred Prinz
Phillip Rhodes
Scott Robbins
Tucker Robison
Martin Rokeach
Mathew Rosenblum
Morris Rosenzweig
John C. Ross
Marc Satterwhite
Elliot Schwartz
Cleve Scott
Marilyn Shrude
Andrew Simpson
Paul Siskind
Bob Sturm
Stephen Suber
David Taddie
Hilary Tann
Bruce Taub
Victor Saucedo Tecayehuatzin
Augusta Read Thomas
David Vayo
John D. White
Richard Willis
Yehuda Yannay
Howard Yermish
Yang Yong
Judith Lang Zaimont
Ricardo Zohn-Muldoon

The following is a list of people who gave presentations:

Keith Allan
Burton Beerman
David Fuentes
Ulf Grahn
Mikel Kuehn
Orlando Legname
Sam Magrill
Robert Peck
Reynold Weidenaar
Mike Woods

Three panel discussions addressed the following topics:

"Audio and Music on the Web" with Judd Danby, David Gompper, Roger Johnson, and Tom Lopez;

"Composer as Performer" with James Chaudoir, Nick Demos, Michael Kallstrom, Douglas Ovens, and Betty Wishart;

"Midi Demos and Computer Music Production for CD" with Larry Austin, Rob Frank, Roger Johnson, and Robert Patterson.