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Regional Conference Reviews

Region I
Region II
Region III
Region VII

Region I conference
October 25, 1997
Eric Sawyer and Brian Hulse, co-hosts

This one-day conference took place on quite a rainy and chilly day in Boston. Twenty-nine composers had works performed, with many of the performers from MIT and the greater Boston-NY area. The MIT Chamber Chorus under the direction of William Cutter performed two motets of John Harbison, and Brian Hulse assembled a stunning student chorus (the one-time Holden Chapel Chamber Singers), who performed three compositions. All of the four, well-attended concerts took place in Killian Hall on the campus. The following composers were in attendance:

Elizabeth Austin, Brian Bevelander, Allen Brings, Kristine Burns, Peter Child, Noam Elkies, David Gompper, Stephen Gryc, Matthew Halper, John Harbison, Laura Hoffman, Brian Hulse, Margaret Fairlie-Kennedy, Alexandros Kalogeras, Dennis Leclaire, HyeKyng Lee, John McDonald, Lansing McLoskey, Jim McManus, James Mobberley, Lydia Okumura, Apostolos Paraskevas, David Patterson, Mark Phillips, Eric Sawyer, David Taddie, Frank E. Warren, Beth Wiemann, Noel Zahler.

Region II conference
November 7-8, 1997
SUNY Potsdam
David Heinick and Andrew Simpson, co-hosts
This conference took place at the Crane School of Music in Potsdam, a large and thriving institution in upstate NY, just below the Canadian border. Five concerts were presented during this two-day conference, and many of the large ensembles took part, including the Symphony Orchestra, the Chamber Choir and the Wind Ensemble. Twenty-seven composers had pieces performed:

Mary Jeanne van Appledorn, Andrew Bonacci, Scott Brickman, Richard Brooks, James Chaudoir, Michael Dellaira, David Gompper, Ulf Grahn, Stephen Gryc, David Heinick, David Heuser, Margaret Fairlie-Kennedy, Paul Yeon Lee, Tom Lopez, Larisa Montanaro, Marshall Onodrio, Terry Winter Owens, John Richey, William Ryan, Salil Sachdev Ann Silsbee, Andrew Simpson, Paul Steinberg, Gregoria Karides Suchy, Vernon Taranto, Elizabeth Walton Vercoe, Gregory Wanamaker.

Region III conference
October 17-18, 1997
Elizabethtown College
James Haines and Simon Andrews, co-hosts

As the first regional conference of the year, the beautiful campus of Elizabethtown College, about a 90 minutes drive west of Philadelphia, was host to a two-day, four-concert event. The works were well performed by students and faculty of the College, as well as guest performers, including the Philadelphia Brass Quintet and the Franklin and Marshall Chamber Singers, under the direction of Simon Andrews. The following composers had works performed:

Bruno Amato, Simon Andrews, Jennifer Barker, Evan Chambers, James Chaudoir, David Drexler, Donna Kelly Eastman, Paul Epstein, Brian Field, Cynthia Folio, Stephen Gryc, James Haines, Jackson Hill, Michael Johanson, Frances McKay, David Moore, Larry Nelson, Douglas Ovens, Bruce Reiprich, John Richey, Richard Roberson, Phillip Schroeder, Vernon Taranto, Terry Vosbein, Anthony Scott Watson, Dan Weymouth.

Region VII conference
November 7-9, 1997
Cal State University, Fresno
Jack Fortner, host

This very successful SCI conference at Cal State, Fresno was part of a larger American Music Week festival, which began and ended with a jazz concert and a tribute to Ella Fitzgerald. The three-day conference included five concerts and three paper sessions, and featured the Orpheus Chamber Ensemble, pianist Jeffrey Jacob performing the music of George Crumb, percussionist Ron George with his unique instruments, and the CSUF percussion ensemble, orchestra and wind ensemble. Twenty-eight composers had works performed:

Renee Arakaki, Charles Argersinger, Marshall Bialosky, Ling Chao Chen, Robin Cox, Jack Fortner, Ron George, David Gompper, David Hatt, Leslie Hogan, Deborah Kavasch, Christopher Kuzell, HyeKyung Lee, David Lefkowitz, Timothy Lynch, Jim McManus, Carleton Macy, Pamela Madsen, David Meckler, Doug Michael, Lawrence Mumford, Jeff Myers, Steve Paxton, Alexandria Pierce, Howard Quilling, Greg Steinke, George Warren, Robert Wehrmann.