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Region VII--Conference Update

The response to the call for scores for the Region VII Conference to be held November 7-9 was staggering. I received 132 scores from 71 composers. As you can imagine, the challenge of the coping with the logistics of producing the concerts was daunting. Matching pieces with the capabilities of the university ensembles; working around concert conflicts of professional players in the area, and attempting to represent the work of as many composers as possible were the touchstones of the decision making process. It was apparent to me that shorter works or movements of larger works would best serve this end. The final scheduling will be done by September 6th, after which all composers who submitted works will be notified by mail. (In a number of instances, works that were not feasible to be performed during this conference were retained by the performer/s for later performance.) The decisions have been difficult to make, not only because of the large number submitted, but also because of the general quality that I perceived. In the end, we will have the possibility of performing about 25 of the submissions.

Regarding the conference proper, registration will begin at 6:00 p.m., and the first concert is at 8:00 p.m. There will be 5 concerts and at least 3 papers in a 42 hour period ending about noon on Sunday, November 9th. The registration fee for the conference is $30. I have reserved rooms for those attending the conference at the Piccadilly Inn University. I was able to cut an extraordinary deal at $62 per night, plus taxes (Rooms normally start at $95). This is a first class hotel surrounded by several good restaurants and approximately a quarter mile from the university. The hotel operates a shuttle from the Fresno Air Terminal which is about 5 miles from the hotel, but I will also empower an emergency service if I know your arrival time in advance. The hotel telephone number for reservations is (800) 468-3587. My numbers are (209) 278-5085 or 278-2654; fax: (209) 278-6800; e-mail:

Jack Fortner