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iSCI: The Composer’s Perspective

the online journal of SCI

Craig Weston, editor (Vol. 1/1: Craig Weston and Jason Bahr, editors)
Benjamin Williams, production assistance
Editorial Board: Jason Bahr, Stephen Heinemann, Robert Rollin, Elliott Schwartz, John White

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About iSCI: The Composer’s Perspective

iSCI: The Composer’s Perspective is a peer-refereed online journal for the publication of scholarship related to music composition.

Why another journal? This journal grew from the observation that scholarship being presented by composers, at SCI conferences and in other venues, was different from what one typically finds in music theory journals. The rise of the professional discipline of “music theory” in North American academia over the past few decades is an unequivocally good thing, but music theorists ask somewhat different questions of and about the music they study than composers ask. This journal is dedicated to the proposition that there is a niche to be filled with scholarship related to all aspects of composition: its history, its future, its pedagogy, the aesthetics of musical creativity, and the analysis of music from the composer’s perspective. We affirm that “shop talk” (composers discussing aspects of their own music and/or compositional process) can be one important aspect of this scholarship—the composer’s musical world view necessarily revolves, at least to an extent, around his or her own work, and we seek to apply what we learn from other composers' music to our own work.

If there is some aspect of composition-related scholarship that you would like to see included in future issues, then we invite you to submit your work. The kinds of articles which have appeared thus far should by no means be construed as a limitation on what might be found here in the future.

Information for Contributors

iSCI: The Composer’s Perspective welcomes submissions at any time during the year. We especially encourage scholarship which takes advantage of the unique media capabilities of our on-line delivery.

Please submit your work by email, in the form of an attached .pdf file, to Craig Weston at cweston@ksu.edu.

iSCI: The Composer’s Perspective is a peer-reviewed journal: all submissions will be read by the editor(s) and at least one other referee, typically but not always drawn from the editorial board. If your article is accepted for publication, you will be asked to provide the source files for both text and graphics in electronic form.