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Membership Benefits

To Join SCI now, see How to Join.

With membership in SCI you will have immediate access to SCION, the SCI online opportunities database. You may also submit scores, papers, and other creative work for performance consideration to both the SCI National Conference, the Student National Conference (if you are a student), and any of the SCI Regional Conferences held each year.

You may also create an SCI Profile Webpage. These pages, hosted on our server, are for creating a personal web presence and may contain a photograph, piece list, resume, media files, and any other information you wish to include. The SCI profile pages are regularly picked up by standard search engines such as Google. Even if you don’t have an SCI Profile Webpage you have the option of listing your personal web page in your SCI account.

SCI members may also submit scores, papers, and sound files to any of the various juried publications sponsored by the Society such as the SCI Recording Series, the SCI Journal of Music Scores, and the SCI Newsletter.

Students may enter the SCI/ASCAP Student Commission Competition and may also join for a reduced price as a student chapter member if their institution has an active SCI chapter. Note that students are eligible to submit scores for performance consideration at all National and Regional conferences.

Types of Members

Full Membership Full Members are eligible to submit to all of SCI’s activities, including national and regional conferences, the SCI CD Series, the SCI Performer’s CD Series, Composerver, and the SCI Journal of Music Scores. Full members receive the SCI Newsletter and SCION, and are eligible to vote on Society matters and in elections for the National Council. $55/yr.
Joint Membership Joint Membership is designed for parties who reside at the same physical address. Joint Members enjoy the same benefits as full members. $75/yr.
Senior Membership Senior Membership is open to retired composers or those at least 65 years of age. Senior Membership carries the same benefits as Full Membership. $27.50/yr.
Student Membership Student Membership enables currently enrolled students to submit scores, papers, and panel presentations to all conferences. Students receive the SCI Newsletter and SCION. This membership type is for students who do not have access to a student chapter at their respective school. $27.50/yr.
Student Chapter Membership Student Chapter Membership ($17.50 per year). Same benefits as student members, but open only on campuses having a Student Chapter.
Proxy Membership Proxy Membership is open to the widow(er), longtime companion, friend, or estate of a deceased composer. Proxies are eligible to submit scores on behalf of the deceased composer for performance consideration at any conference for which the deceased would be eligible to submit scores if (s)he were alive and a member. The Proxy will receive the SCI Newsletter and SCION. $65/yr.
Lifetime Membership Lifetime Membership ($1100.00 one-time payment or $120 per year for 10 years). Full member benefits for life.
Institutional Membership Institutional Membership ($30.00 per year). Organizations and archives receive hard copy of the Newsletter and electronic notification of SCION if an e-mail address is provided.
Associate Membership Associate Membership is available to performers and other interested professionals. Associates receive the SCI Newsletter and SCION, and may perform or give presentations at national and regional conferences, but may not submit scores for performance consideration. $30/yr.