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National Council

The National Council is made up of two co-chairs for each SCI region and is chaired by the President of the Society who is elected by the general membership. The National Council is the policy-making body of the Society and responsible for the National and Regional conferences. The regional co-chairs are elected by the members of their respective regions or may be appointed by the President. Each year the National Council meets with the Executive Committee at the National Conference.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is made up of the editors and producers of SCI publications and projects as well as representatives of various sectors of the membership. Members are appointed by the Chairman of the Executive Committee with the advice and consent of the president. The Chairman is elected by the members of the committee. Most of the members of the Executive Committee are members of the Corporation. Each year the Executive Committee meets with the National Council at the National Conference. This meeting constitutes the Annual Corporation Meeting.


National Council (2010-2011)

Executive Commmittee (2010-2011)

SCI National Office